Annual Siyum 5781 – סיום שנתית תשפ”א

With tremendous simcha and gratitude, the Mesivta celebrated its annual end-of-the-year siyum. The festive program began with divrei Torah from Eli Friedman, Ezra Weiner, and Yaakov Makovoz.

Next, the bochurim made their siyumim: Yitzchak Izsak Handelsman and Tzvi Wakszal on מס’ כתובות, Yehuda Leifer and Naftali Schlein on מס’ תענית, Yaakov Hurvitz and Betzalel Braunstein on מס’ מגילה. Afterward, there was live music and spirited dancing by all participants—mesivta bochrim, Rabbeim, parents, friends, and distinguished community Rabbonim. The simchas haTorah and the celebration of an outstanding year of growth and learning was felt by all who were present.

Rabbi Tzvi Thaler, the 9th grade Bekiyus Rebbi, as well as a Mesivta parent, shared a dvar Torah. Rabbi Reiss gave an inspiring vort, and reminded us of how far the Mesivta has come in the past 10 months, a year that began with so much uncertainty. The afternoon closed with an entertaining gramen based on the mesechta that the mesivta learned this year, sung by Shimon Kapilevich. All in all, it was a beautiful event to top an extraordinary year.